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Interim Managing Producer


Interim Managing Producer

The Managing Producer oversees day-to-day Production activity for a facility (LA, New York, Vancouver) or vertical (episodic, features, etc.). They are responsible for training, scheduling and day-to-day management of Producers and Production staff, and act as a liaison between Production and other departments. They also play a key role in disseminating and implementing production and bidding best practices and consistent workflows across the Production team, with the goal of maintaining the best possible relationships with all FuseFX clients, and the best possible creative and financial outcomes for every show.

Key Duties

Production Team Oversight

· Monitor workload and assignments for each Producer, balancing the volume of shots and shows they produce with their ability to provide clients with the best possible experience

· Ensure the Production team properly maintains Nucleus, keeping critical information such as assignments, dates, and scope of work up-to-date at all times

· Check the overall plan for each episode (i.e. sharing shots between facilities, hero shots, temp delivery dates) and monitor budgets nearing the bid amount 

· Schedule bi-weekly Producer meetings that cover any new developments, along with issues related to managing clients, technical matters, and best practices

· Monitor and approve overtime across the Production department; sign off on Production department timecards and vacation requests

· Ensure all shows have coverage and continuity during Producers’ absences, vacations, and reassignments, and cover for other Producers as needed

· In collaboration with HR and studio leadership, participate in hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and releasing Production staff

· Cultivate a team-oriented approach to client interaction, engaging clients with several key client-facing staff, and avoiding bottlenecks in communication

· Collaborate with the Global Managing Producer and Managing Producers in other locations to track production on shared shows, and Production needs being serviced by other locations



· In tandem with studio leadership, review all out-going bids to ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity of bids, including clearly-stated bid assumptions that protect FuseFX as well as clients

· Understand client expectations for budgets and bids. Guide other Producers to present realistic numbers to clients, addressing large disparities by phone or in person

· Ensure bids allow for profit margins in line with company targets (barring special concessions approved by studio leadership), and that margins are maintained during production

· In tandem with studio leadership, monitor bids versus actuals for on-going projects. Flag budget issues in a timely manner, and recommend solutions


New Projects

· Read scripts and participate in initial bidding/creative discussions, teaming up with VFX Supervisors to double check bids, costs, attend meetings, etc.

· Represent FuseFX as front-line person in pitch, concept, VFX and production meetings at studios and production offices

· Initiate communication between FuseFX Production and new projects, ensuring clients receive a rapid and thorough introduction to key FuseFX show personnel

· Take point on receiving new clients and projects from Business Development, and integrating them smoothly into Production

· Allocate Production staff to newly awarded shows, collaborating with other Department Heads on Supervisor and Editor assignments

· Ensure internal kickoff meetings take place, and Fuse’s team is properly briefed on project requirements and client expectations


Shows in Production

· Support Producers in managing client expectations to ensure they will be met, and that FuseFX is equipped to deliver on those expectations

· Cultivate a team-oriented approach across the Production team, and resolve resource conflicts between shows

· Produce shows on a regular basis, while maintaining sufficient bandwidth for the other duties of the Managing Producer. Focus on shows that are especially challenging or need to be secured

· Look for opportunities to remain actively engaged with other shows by sitting in on reviews and kick offs, doing walk-throughs, and meeting new team members


Training and Mentoring

· Organize new hire training for Producers and Production staff, and keep existing staff up-to-date on latest workflows, technology and best practices

· Encourage Producers to ask for routine guidance and insight into the needs of active shows, and be available to answer project and budget related questions

· Maintain deep knowledge of the Nucleus pipeline, sufficient to provide technical support to other Producers working in Nucleus

· Act as a mentor to other team members, both formally and informally. Role model conflict resolution and provide insight into complex situations

· Collaborate with studio leadership and Managing Producers in other locations and verticals to define and document best practices related to Production and bidding

· Develop and deliver formal training sessions that cover technical aspects of the FuseFX Production pipeline, client relations, and company policies related to Production

· Prepare and maintain Production FAQs and document workflows and best practices, organizing them to be readily accessible to Production staff


Resource Management

· Organize weekly Production meetings (separate from the bi-weekly Producer meetings), led either by studio leadership or by the Managing Producer

· Prepare a weekly high-level report for studio leadership on the overall status of shows and Producer assignments, flagging issues of note

· Participate in weekly staffing / resource planning meetings. Maintain an active dialogue with Production Management on upcoming needs, including awards and off-pattern episodes

· Participate in day-to-day decisions about staffing and other Production resource needs. Flag any resource issues (facility-wide) with the potential to impact production

· Monitor the facility’s interactions with outsource vendors at a show level, including communication between Producers and vendors, POs and vendor billing

· Liaise with other departments – PM, IO, editorial, finance, HR, facilities – and ensure necessary resource and scheduling information is available to all relevant departments

· Participate in decisions about balancing workload across facilities to leverage the strengths of different groups and utilize resources efficiently (e.g. minimize idle time and overtime)


Operations and Growth

· Collaborate with other client-facing staff to deliver a consistent, high quality client experience to FuseFX clients that spans team members, projects and facilities 

· Assist as bridge between FuseFX management and artists, identifying potential problems and creating mutually satisfactory solutions

· Ensure existing clients remain satisfied with the service they receive from FuseFX, and are being properly maintained

· Communicate a consistent and compelling picture of the company’s position as a world-class VFX studio to clients, partners, and staff

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