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Graphic programmer


You will design and develop core algorithms, conduct experiments, and evaluate performance to help deliver the best suitable solution for our cyberspace platform applications. You will mainly be responsible for one or more of the following areas: research, design and implement advanced algorithms for 3D rendering, 3D modeling and 3D graphics, 3D animation of human face and body, computational photography, ray tracing, and etc. You should demonstrate a hands-on approach to problem-solving and must be willing to actively participate in field testing and evaluation of algorithm and system performance.



Master degree or above in Computer Graphics field. Intensive working experiences with 3D graphics including rendering and simulation.

Involvement in one or more of the following R&D projects: Clothes modeling, human body modeling, face animation, human body animation, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, physical-based simulation, mobile graphics.

Experience with OpenGL ES, WebGL is a big plus.

Experience with Unity3D development for iOS and Android deployment is a plus.

Research publication at good venues is a plus.

Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, and a can-do attitude.


About Huawei cyberspace project:

The boundary between the digital world and real world is getting blur, Huawei Cyberspace project tries to create a digital world that is parallel to the real world, and then bridge the connection between the digital world and real world. In Cyberspace, we can talk with our relatives who passed away, we can experience something that we don’t have a chance to experience in real life. We believe that with fusing CV, CG, and deep learning technologies, Cyberspace project will change our living and working style in the future 5-10 years.

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