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Senior Game Designer


– Immediate start date

– Dunedin, New Zealand

– Permanent

– Full Time

– Terms flexible dependent on the candidates skills, experience and fit


Systems, game mechanics and level design

- High and low-­level design of gameplay systems and mechanics

- Design and creation of game levels and placeholder assets

- Produce documentation and prototypes detailing the logic and desired implementation of designs

- Meet project deadlines/schedule as set by Creative Director

- Collaborate effectively across multiple disciplines

- Manage time off, work load and work hours in consultation with the wider team



- Experience with systemic and procedural game mechanics

- Experience with in game economy and itemization balance

- Experience with designing and implementing puzzles into levels

- Proficiency with Blueprint and Unreal Engine 4

- Familiarity with other aspects of game development (asset creation, programming, sound production)

- Familiarity with version control software and practices

- Ability to rapidly prototype

- Over 5 years experience in game designer positions

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

- Open to direction and feedback, willing to revisit work

- Excellent organisational skills when working under time pressure

- Passion for games and creativity

- Good level of English language

About the studio

Dunedin, New Zealand-based RocketWerkz began in 2015. The independent game development studio was founded by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and employs staff from all levels of industry experience across multiple projects. In 2016 internet giant Tencent invested in the Studio. The focus of the studio is as a creative factory – developing PC games, new genres and cooperative multiplayer experiences.


We highly value diversity. Regardless of disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other aspects of your culture or identity we think you have an important role to play in our team.

Please send your CV and cover letter (& portfolio) when you apply.

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