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  • Establish direct and reflected lighting, shadows, and compositing for each assigned shot. Ensure that assigned shots fit in the continuity of a sequence and fulfill the vision of the Directors, Production Designer, Art Director, VFX Supervisor and Head of Lighting while meeting the production schedule.
  • Create and fine tune the direct lighting, reflections, shadows, and final compositing for each assigned shot, working with the resources and support provided. Ensure quality of final frames and cleanliness of setups.
  • Perform technical work in support of shot lighting using various production tools.  
  • Perform lighting development setup as required.
  • Submit work for review to CG Supervisor, Head of Lighting, Art Directors, Production Designers and/or VFX Supervisor.  Address comments that come up during reviews.  Clarify feedback when unclear.
  • Ensure continuity problems in shots within the sequence are addressed.  
  • Troubleshoot and debug shot problems as they arise.  Know when a problem needs to be handed off to a TD or R&D, and how to properly document.
  • Optimize shots for rendering.  Manage image files and associated disk space in an economical manner.
  • Maintain current versions of movie files and omfs.  Deliver material to Editorial.
  • Thoroughly tech fix shots and identify paint fixes and communicate them to CG Supervisor.  
  • Update Head of Lighting, CG Supervisor and Production Supervisor on the progress of his/her shot.
  • Show previous version of the work and clearly represent what the set of comments were, when necessary.
  • Communicate creative, technical and/or interdepartmental issues appropriately.
  • Work with Production Supervisor and CG Supervisor to meet sequence schedule milestones.
  • Stay up to date on new tools and techniques.
  • Attend necessary departmental and sequence meetings.
  • Collaborate with other departments such as Layout, Modeling, Surfacing, Matte Painting, and Effects.
  • Ensure that lighting setups are clean, documented and easy to understand.  Pass off a shot to another lighter when necessary.
  • May be asked to interview possible new hires for the Lighting department.
  • May be asked to help train new staff.
  • Test new lighting software and tools.
  • Provide feedback on tools and procedures.
  • Assist with training and teach classes when applicable.  Document techniques.
  • May be asked to do demos and tours for outside vendors, schools, and executives.
  • Be adaptable and ready to reprioritize with CG Supervisor when trailers, CP work, screenings, and pub stills take priority.
  • Build verbal communication relationships with artists from other departments regarding assets for shots or needed paint fix element requests.
  • Timely consistent availability for CG rounds, AD rounds and dailies.
  • Use downtime for departmental improvements such as documentation, updating classes and curriculum, and taking classes.
  • Be responsible for the delivery of all elements of shots, including beauty and matte passes for downstream departments

This Job is no longer active!