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Final Layout Artist: Artist Development Program



DreamWorks Animation’s Talent Acquisitions, Artist Management and Diversity & Inclusion teams are collaborating to launch the Artist Development Program, a unique opportunity inclusively targeting underrepresented groups.

The Program
DreamWorks Animation is seeking artists for a new Artistic Development Program at the studio  in Glendale, CA. If you have had limited opportunities to grow your animation experience, if you are re-entering the workforce after an extended period of time off, or have studied Film/Cinema, Animation, Art, or a related focus please submit your application by August 19, 2018. Participants will build upon their current experience in this 12-week program with hands-on training in one of the following production departments:  Animation, Character Effects, Character Technical Direction, Lighting, Pre-visualization / Layout, and Surfacing to prepare them for an assignment on an animated  film at DreamWorks.  
The 12-week program will immerse participants in a full-time production environment where DreamWorks’  artists mentor them to polish their skills to be production ready. Upon completion of the 12 weeks, successful artists will be cast on a production crew.  

Artistic Development Artists will:

  • work at a world-class studio and use cutting-edge tools
  • contribute to a collaborative environment
  • develop artistic work flows and problem-solving skills to meet production expectations
Final Layout
Final Layout (FLO) Artists prepare shot files for animation using cameras and character blocking provided by Rough Layout and basic final sets built by Modeling, resolving any issues that may arise. They set dress shots based on concept art, working closely with the Production Designer and Art Director to achieve the desired aesthetic. The FLO artist provides camera support through character animation, and after animation is complete, the FLO Artist polishes camera animation for lighting. The FLO artist also provides downstream department support as artists begin work on shots, assisting in basic asset support, maintaining continuity, and troubleshooting related issues as shots move through the production pipeline.


  • You must be passionate about animation, resourceful, and a team player
  • Foundational knowledge of computer graphics principles & processes, exposure to third party tools desired
  • Experience with CG software such as Maya, Houdini,
    or Nuke. Camera and/or animation experience a plus

Submission Requirements: 
  • Resume (Please list relevant coursework, software, and/ or independent projects)
  • Link to your work (portfolio / demo reel)

Portfolio / demo reel Guidelines (2 minutes or less in duration):
  • Please submit reel with examples of visual narrative content that demonstrates your understanding of cinematic storytelling principles and highlights your skills in set creation/set dressing/camera work
  • Any projects that demonstrate a creative eye in other areas of the animation process (rigging, modeling, animation, simulation, or lighting)
  • Examples of your traditional art (photography, sculpture, drawing and/or painting)

Desired Characteristics

What We’re Looking For
DreamWorks Artist Development Program seeks a broad spectrum of candidates with a passion for animation and unique multicultural perspectives. With an emphasis on inclusion, this program is open to all eligible applicants.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: August 19, 2018 Sunday at 12:59 am Pacific Standard Time
Offer Extended: Mid-September

This Job is no longer active!