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CFX Artist: Artist Development Program



DreamWorks Animation’s Talent Acquisitions, Artist Management and Diversity & Inclusion teams are collaborating to launch the Artist Development Program, a unique opportunity inclusively targeting underrepresented groups.

The Program
DreamWorks Animation is seeking artists for a new Artistic Development Program at the studio  in Glendale, CA. If you have had limited opportunities to grow your animation experience, if you are re-entering the workforce after an extended period of time off, or have studied Film/Cinema, Animation, Art, or a related focus please submit your application by August 19, 2018. Participants will build upon their current experience in this 12-week program with hands-on training in one of the following production departments:  Animation, Character Effects, Character Technical Direction, Lighting, Pre-visualization / Layout, and Surfacing to prepare them for an assignment on an animated  film at DreamWorks.  
The 12-week program will immerse participants in a full-time production environment where DreamWorks’  artists mentor them to polish their skills to be production ready. Upon completion of the 12 weeks, successful artists will be cast on a production crew.  

Artistic Development Artists will:

  • work at a world-class studio and use cutting-edge tools
  • contribute to a collaborative environment
  • develop artistic work flows and problem-solving skills to meet production expectations
Character Effects 
Character Effects Artists create cloth/hair/fur simulations and setups, prop animation, and deformation shot work to support the overall animated world. Ultimately the department creates a more tactical and believable universe for film and the storytelling.


  • You must be passionate about animation, resourceful, and a team player
  • Foundational knowledge of computer graphics principles & processes, exposure to third party tools desired
  • Experience with CG software such as Maya & Houdini. Hair/cloth simulation or Mel/Python

Submission Requirements: 
  • Resume (Please list relevant coursework, software, and/ or independent projects)
  • Link to your work (portfolio / demo reel)

Portfolio / demo reel Guidelines (2 minutes or less in duration):
  • Please submit reel with examples of visual effects simulations such as cloth, hair, fur, or feathers
  • Examples of motion setups such as character rigs, ropes, or chains
  • Visual results of coding or computer graphics-related projects
  • Any projects that demonstrate a creative eye in other areas of the animation process (previz/camera/layout, rigging, modeling, lighting, or character animation)
  • Examples of your traditional art (photography, sculpture, drawing and/or painting)

Desired Characteristics

What We’re Looking For
DreamWorks Artist Development Program seeks a broad spectrum of candidates with a passion for animation and unique multicultural perspectives. With an emphasis on inclusion, this program is open to all eligible applicants.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: August 19, 2018 Sunday at 12:59 am Pacific Standard Time
Offer Extended: Mid-September

This Job is no longer active!