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Unity C# Developer/Generalist


ArchForm (YC W18) is a seed stage startup that is replacing orthodontic braces with a new kind of 3D printed clear aligner and CAD software.

We are looking for someone to help with development of the Archform desktop and mobile apps, which are built on the Unity platform. Dentists use Archform to turn imported 3D scan data into patient treatment plans. You will work with our Lead Developer Ryan Schmidt (who previously created Autodesk Meshmixer) to improve Archform's UI and cloud capabilities. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of a new kind of 3D CAD tool being built on open-source technologies, in the context of a company pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D Printing and distributed manufacturing.

In this position you will be involved in all aspects of development of the Archform app, with a particular focus on:

  • Improving the existing UI styling/layout and simplifying user workflows
  • Extending the current AWS integration and improving cloud sync capabilities
  • App deployment on Windows, OSX, and iOS

The following skills will be necessary. However, we also believe that if you are a motivated learner you will be able to pick up most of these things on the job:

  • Unity development in C# (particularly "not-games" applications of Unity)
  • Experience with Unity's 2D UI system, particularly with styling and customizing UI elements
  • Amazon AWS .NET SDK
  • Amazon Cognito and DynamoDB
  • Experience with Apple's App Store
  • Experience using Github and git submodules
  • iOS/touch-input user interfaces
  • VR user interface development

Archform the app is a core component of the go-to-market strategy of Archform the company, and the developer who fills this position will play a central role in the company as we grow.

This Job is no longer active!