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Head of 3D


FuseFX Vancouver is seeking an experienced Head of 3D to lead our Vancouver based 3D department. FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.

The Head of 3D oversees the scheduling, workflow, and overall creative success of the 3D department, including personally working on shots and troubleshooting technical issues on a regular basis. The Head of 3D represents the 3D team to a diverse group of internal and external clients, managing the team’s workload, priorities, and client expectations.

Head of 3D Duties:

  • Manage CG Supervisors’ workloads and cast them on shows based on their strengths
  • Partner with Production Management to ensure department resources are balanced across all projects
  • Monitor workload and assignments across the 3D team, balancing the volume of work with artists’ creative strengths to provide clients with the best possible result
  • Coordinate with Production teams to manage artists and ensure consitently high quality of work from the department
  • Advise department supervisors on best practices and participate in breaking down and bidding 3D work for projects
  • Suggest efficient techniques to keep bids competitive and minimize unnecessary production needs and labor
  • Counsel supervisors on shooting methods for efficient effects integration
  • Work on shots personally, while maintaining sufficient bandwidth for the other duties of the Head of 3D role. Focus on covering other team members, and tackling short but challenging projects
  • Proactively anticipate issues with existing workflow, technology and staffing, and present solutions to management with sufficient time for action to be taken
  • Collaborate with 3D pipeline developers on tools and procedures
  • Cultivate a team-oriented approach across the department and company as a whole. Address any interpersonal conflicts promptly and in a collaborative manner
  • Establish and advise on priorities for the 3D render farm and Render Wrangler
  • Represent the Fuse Vancouver 3D department to company leadership, both Vancouver studio management and Executive Management at head office
  • In collaboration with HR and studio leadership, participate in hiring, onboarding, training, performance reviews and releasing 3D staff
  • Prepare and document workflows and best practices, organizing them to be readily accessible to staff
  • Communicate a consistent and compelling picture of the company’s position as a world-class VFX studio to clients and staff

Required Skills :

  • 10+ years in 3D; comfortable leading CG Generalist teams as well as artists specializing in all areas of 3D
  • Highly proficient in Maya and Vray rendering systems
  • Able to perform as a senior CG Generalist in the following areas: animation, modelling, rigging, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, effects, scripting and tracking
  • Basic familiarity with compositing workflows and tools
  • Knowledge of applicable software including, but not limited to: Maya, 3dsMax, Houdini, Nuke, Zbrush, Mari, Mudbox, Syntheyes, 3dEquilizer, ptGui, Substance Painter/Designer
  • Strong understanding of lighting principles, color theor, and latest techniques in 3D computer graphics
  • Role model in conflict resolution and ability to provide insight into complex situations for their team
  • Highly organized individual who enjoys the creative process and managing a department/ team

Please apply at: https://fusefx.com/jobs/head-of-3d/

This Job is no longer active!