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Avatar locomotion; research and development


Tezoi, Inc. is a startup company founded by a team of computer graphic, simulation, 3D modeling, visual effects and technological leaders. We believe the absence of life is a rift between virtual and reality, and our focus is to seal this rift by using AI driven animation technology. Our mission is to make the virtual world full of life and wisdom. 

Job Description:

1)    R&D on virtual character balancing and locomotion tasks with reinforcement learning, DNN, and other related machine learning techniques

2)    Follow and advance the new technologies in computer graphics/vision and machine/deep learning and deploy these technologies to products;

3)    Performance optimization of computer graphics/vision algorithms in practical applications;
4)    Increase visibility and impact of Tezoi, Inc. on artificial intelligence industries, especially computer graphics/vision related, by publishing patents and papers.

Background Requirements:

1)    PhD or Master graduated from related majors

2)    Extensive experience in deep learning (especially reinforcement learning, DNN)

3)    Research experience in reinforcement learning based character locomotion

4)    Python/C++ coding, and other related skill sets

5)    Research experience in physics-based simulation


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