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Sr Software Engineer, High Performance Computing


At Walt Disney Animation Studios there is a deep commitment to the philosophy that
creativity drives technology, and technology drives creativity. This means that the
engineers in our Production Technology department are charged with developing, and
implementing, new algorithms to solve unique and challenging problems for all of our
films. We do this working alongside a user base who utilizes the code we develop on a
daily basis to create our feature films.
Projects Include:
? Parallel Execution Engine backing a custom animation system.
? Highly interactive ray traced rendering solutions.
? Software for high quality cloth, hair and F/X simulations.
We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Production Technology team,
to champion and target high performance computing in multiple domains. In this role,
you will partner with artists, studio leadership, technical directors, cross-team software
engineers, Disney Research, and other stakeholders across the Walt Disney Studios.
Your work will focus on the design and implementation of innovative workflows, as well
as state-of-the-art solutions motivated by our long term vision for Walt Disney Animation
About Technology at Walt Disney Animation Studios:
? We have a compute farm that can scale to over 100,000 cores
? All of our software is developed for the latest multi-core, multi-socket machines.
? Acceleration hardware matters to us - we are motivated to achieve high
performance on whatever hardware platform can achieve the best results in
? We care deeply about writing performant, scalable, threaded code that utilizes
the latest software and technologies.
? We collaborate frequently with our business partners at Pixar, ILM, and Disney
Key Qualifications:
? Proficiency in C++, ideally C++11/14.
? Experience with memory management, concurrency and high-performance multi-
threaded code and optimization.
? Extensive experience with performance measurement, profiling and analysis.
? Knowledge of emerging trends in multi-core CPU/GP-GPU space.
? Strong software design skills.
? The ability to quickly produce clear, testable code.
? Strong communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, balancing the
timeliness of solutions with their sustainability. Able to prioritize competing
demands based on business value.
? BS or Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical
Engineering or other related field; or comparable industry experience.
Bonus Qualifications:

? Knowledge of animation, graphics techniques and algorithms.
? Strong mathematical fundamentals, including linear algebra and numerical
? Experience with Intel TBB, MPI, or other parallel languages.
? Experience with programming on the GPU using OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA.
? Understanding of CPU microarchitecture.
? Experience with game engines such as Unreal, Unity, Lumberyard.
? Ability to demonstrate strong technical leadership.

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