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CG Pipeline Developer


FuseFX Los Angeles has an opportunity for an experienced and talented CG Pipeline Developer with a background in television and/or feature film VFX to join our team!

FuseFX is an Emmy-award winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television, and commercials.


The CG Pipeline Developer is responsible for technical oversight of projects and development initiatives at FuseFX. A Pipeline Developer should possess a strong understanding of the entire process of creating Visual Effects and have strong experience with the programming languages used within the development systems of FuseFX.


  • Developing a Maya pipeline that can exist within the company’s current mostly 3DS Max/ Houdini 3D pipeline seamlessly.
  • Define timelines for their project start, completion, and milestones and maintain timeline accountability for yourself through regular check-ins with management and other team members.
  • Assess and make technical decisions on project’s specs.
  • Contribute to company policies on code publishing and merges.
  • Research and assess new technologies and solutions, stay up to date on industry standards and changes.
  • Model a “customer service” approach to other FuseFX departments and FuseFX clients.
  • Maintain a desire to deliver consistently high-quality, technical work, while encouraging those around you to strive for the same standards.
  • Maintain a general pulse of what the CG department needs from the pipeline team.

Traits of a successful FuseFX CG Pipeline Supervisor:

  • Experience developing a Maya based CG Pipeline
  • Strong technical knowledge of Python and other scripting tools at an expert level.
  • Knowledge of Mel, Vex and Maxscript would be helpful, but not required.
  • Experienced in Filemaker, SQL and Shotgun systems.
  • Able to effectively communicate with all FuseFX employees, (both technical and non-technical)
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to obtain a thorough understanding and proficiency in all stages of the FuseFX pipeline, and proprietary systems.
  • Expert knowledge of visual effects processes and workflows.
  • Sharp organizational and time management skills, able to engage in varied projects simultaneously while maintaining meticulous attention to detail and working towards deadlines.
Please apply at: https://fusefx.com/jobs/cg-pipeline-developer/