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Gameplay Engineer


Game Mechanic Studios is looking for a Gameplay Engineer to join our team to assist in the engineering and design process. The candidate must be able to communicate well, is self-motivated and has Unity and/ or Unreal Experience in 3D games.

The ideal candidate will have in the following Unity skills:

- Dynamic Lighting

- 3D Physics

- NavMesh

- Occulusion Culling

- Asset Bundling

- Scriptable Objects

- Custome Shaders

The ideal candidate will have experience in all the following Unreal skills:

- Native C++ engine code

- Behavior Trees

- Navigation System

- Slate and UMG

- Blueprint


- 4-5 years of experience in game development 

- Fluent in C++ and C#

- BS or equivalent 

- Commitment to code quality, documentation and sound testing procedures

- Familiarity or previous development experience with Unreal a plus

- Experience in designing, developing, debugging

- 2+ Shipped games in Unity and/or UE4

- Ability to self-direct and achieve success individually and with your team

- Willingness to mentor and guide other team members

- Self-motivated

- Passionate about video games


- Design, develop and implement game content, systems including enemy designs and scripted events

- Modify existing levels and testing

- Take ownership of tasks and authored systems with clear classes and commits

- Maintain excellent player experience and content creation experience

- Implement a high bar and build team culture of collaboration, creativity and passion for games

- Build automation and efficiency tools 

This Job is no longer active!