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Gameplay Designer


Playdead is an independent game developer and publisher. We have made two critically acclaimed titles, LIMBO and INSIDE. Our current project is a sci-fi adventure set in a remote corner of the universe. Come and help us create unique game experiences.

Job description

Your responsibility as a gameplay designer will be prototyping and implementing gameplay interactions. This requires a keen eye for how to adjust a given interaction in order to get the resulting experience to feel just right. We have a very iterative workflow and strive for detail and high quality for every interaction in our games. You will also be involved in testing throughout the production and integrating the results back into these iterations.

Most of all, everyone at Playdead enjoys the process of making games - it is a labour of love for us. We are looking for someone who is excited about all of the small intricacies of gameplay design, as well as being passionate about gaming overall.

Keywords for position

  • Interaction design, scripting, level design, prototyping, iteration.
  • This role is located at the Playdead office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What will you be doing?

  • Prototype game mechanics.
  • Prototype and implement gameplay interactions.
  • Collaborate on level designs.
  • Organize and run test sessions.
  • Define your own goals and tasks.

If you wish to apply, please consider the following general requirements

  • 2+ years of professional experience.
  • 2+ years of experience with scripting languages such as C#, Javascript, etc.
  • Experience with designing and implementing gameplay interactions.
  • Great communication skills and ability to work effectively on shared projects.

Desired skills

  • Masters degrees in a relevant field.
  • 2+ years of experience with C#.
  • Experience with Unity.
  • Experience with level design.

Who We Are

At Playdead, we are a team of 40 creative professionals, based in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. Our approach to development does not include crunching towards arbitrary deadlines - instead, we particularly look for people who enjoy managing their own schedule and thrive on working within a friendly, collaborative environment.

We love to make carefully crafted games with obsessive attention to detail and are always on the lookout for others who share that passion.

This Job is no longer active!