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Mid Level 3D Modeler



Rhythm and Hues is looking for a Mid Level modeler either in, or willing to re-locate to Los Angeles. Must have a minimum of 5 years experience as a modeler working on games, feature films, or episodic television. 

Applicants must show a solid sense of 3-dimensional design and attention to detail through their works with traditional sculpture, architecture and/or industrial design, as well as digital models. Since a majority of our work deals with combining computer-generated elements with live action, the level of detail in the applicant’s work should be able to approach photo-realistic complexity. In addition, a demonstration of high levels of understanding of anatomy and proportions of realistic human figures and animals is helpful. As our work is quite diverse in subject, the applicants should be able to demonstrate a breadth of competence in 3D form - from mechanical design to organic objects, from photoreal to stylized. 

Modelers at Rhythm & Hues generally concentrate on modeling and sculpting. They would also be responsible for assigning UV texture mapping coordinates as well as creating any groups which the Lighter or Character Rigger may need. The Modeler must understand the different ways to project a texture map and be able to gauge their results. They must also understand how the object will be lit. Modelers work very closely with Lighters and Animators to ensure that there is enough detail and control wherever necessary. They will be responsible for creating organic characters and hard surface models as per international standards as asked by our Supervisors. Modelers will work in a team environment on commercials and feature films. 


·       Generate accurate UVs for models for use in downstream departments.

·       Create highly optimized meshes that can be rendered and displayed for rigging, lighting, layout, etc.


·      Preferably having strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.).

·      Must have high-level of production experience (about 1-5 yrs). 

·      Strong skill base and experience in 3D software like Maya, and Zbrush. 

·      Must have strong observation skills to create models in 3D. 

·      Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills). 

·      Experience working on international projects is a plus. 

·      Familiarity with UNIX / Linux working environment is a plus. 

·      Knowledge/exp. in sculpting, anatomy study, and Python scripting is a plus. 


Demo reels should demonstrate examples of detailed models for both organic and inorganic models or props. 360 degree turntables of Grey shaded models with wire frame on it is a must. Inclusion of textured and colored shaded models is a plus. Persons having a fine art background can include Art works from their portfolio. 

Please email cover letter & resume when you apply. 

Please submit a cover letter with your resume.

This Job is no longer active!