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Senior Rigging Artist




Rhythm and Hues is looking for a Senior Rigging Artist either in, or willing to re-locate to Los Angeless. This individual must have a minimum of 7 years’ experience as a Senior Rigging Artist working on feature films, episodic television, or games. 

Our company is a fast-paced and highly collaborative production environment. 

Applicants with strong communication, a proactive attitude, and a desire to work with a close-knit team are encouraged to apply. 


·      Create, develop, and maintain procedural rig components, including set-up and maintenance of all rigs (human and animal).

·      Ensure models are suitable for rigging and performance requirements based on storyboards, discussions with creatives, animatics, etc.

·      Generate and prototype rigs for a broad range of creative and technical requirements.

·      Collaborate with animators to customize rigs that satisfy specific animation and artist needs.

·      Work with team to generate models that meet deformation requirements.

·      Support rigs as they move through the animation pipeline.

·      Adhere to deadlines. Communicate and troubleshoot technical issues with production.


·      Strong knowledge of Maya and familiarity with Voodoo.

·      7+ years experience in feature animation, VFX, and/or animated television with a focus in Rigging.

·      Mastery with figure and facial anatomy.

·      Proficiency demonstrated through past project work and/or reel/portfolio.

·      Software development experience using Python, and relevant application API 

·      Knowledge of rigging and workflow for Crowd characters, including retargeting motion capture data. 

·      Proficiency in model editing and creation, such as muscles, blendshapes, etc. 

·      Proficiency in facial rigging, including application of facial capture data. 

·      Knowledge of "talking animal" rigs and workflow, including projection texture techniques. 

·      Knowledge of simulation techniques for hair & skin. 

·      Proficiency in unix/linux and strong typing skills. 

·      Experience with both mechanical and/or organic type rigs, creating / modifying production pipelines and following guidelines and system requirements. 

·      Knowledge of rigging in either XSI or Maya.

·      Voodoo knowledge helpful but not mandatory 

·      Solid understanding and ability to apply foundation knowledge of pertinent mathematical disciplines (basics of linear algebra and trigonometry as required).

·      Knowledge in pipeline, process, tools, and techniques with an understanding of industry standards, conventions, formats, and common practice.

·      Ability to create and deliver production ready rigs 

·      Painstaking attention to detail 

·      Ability to work solo as well as collaboratively within a team environment 

·      The ability to efficiently organize and prioritize work across multiple areas 

·      Ability to take direction and feedback and apply this to assets or rigs moving forward 


Please email a cover letter & resume when you apply. 

Please submit a cover letter with your resume.

This Job is no longer active!