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VFX Generalist TD


Project: Avatar Sequels

We are a Los Angeles based feature film production company creating movies heavily utilizing AR/VR techniques. We are in search of skilled and passionate VFX Generalist TD to become an integral support person for our teams.


You will be working closely with multiple teams, including but not limited to the modelling, animation, stage operations, and lighting departments. You will be responsible for training artists and operators in new toolsets and workflows, building tools to fill gaps in existing pipelines, providing troubleshooting support, and ensuring best practices are followed.


You will also be an important intermediary between various development teams and the artistic departments, and be responsible for communicating issues and scoping new tools and workflows. You will need to raise issues which may affect deliveries between teams, as well as assist in the testing and rollouts of new tools, features, and workflows to said teams.


You may also need to assist artists in improving the modelling of assets, writing shaders, and the look development of texturing.


This is a long term and full-time position in a friendly, creative, and collaborative working environment. We provide competitive compensation based on your experience level as well as medical, dental and vision insurance. Perks include a café on site, a well-equipped private gym, and a rec room with video games, ping-pong, and a pool table.



·     Well versed in both the development and artistic sides of a VFX film production

·     Production experience working in and troubleshooting Maya

·     Knowledge of Realtime Rendering and Performance (Any Realtime Engine), as well as Realtime modeling practices

·     Familiar with MotionBuilder

·     Proficient with Linux

·     Good problem-solving skills.

·     Flexibility; this is a dynamic production environment.

·     Capable of working in a fast-paced environment with rapid turnaround

·     Enjoy working collaboratively and problem solving



·     3+ years of Python and PySide/PyQTt experience, with a proven competence in good interface concepts

·     Experience with OpenGL

·     Experience with Nuke, Substance Painter, Photoshop

·     Proven understanding of colors spaces, LUTs, etc.

·     Previs or Game Engine experience

·     Simple creature rigging and skinning

·     Experience with lighting and shots/sequences

·     Knowledge of animation workflows

Candidates must be US citizens or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) holders.

This Job is no longer active!