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Chair of Design Management


Provides vision and leadership for the department; builds a substantial reputation for the quality of the department; creates a strong sense of collegiality within the department and of shared responsibility for the department’s goals; works with faculty on curriculum development, assessment activities, and policy/procedures requirements and implementation, including course schedules and facility use; conducts class and annual evaluations for faculty, as well as ensuring mentoring and faculty development opportunities; assists in the hiring of faculty; makes decisions on student academic matters; assists in the recruitment of students, review of graduate student applications and placement of students in internships and careers; and oversees departmental budget. The department chair teaches classes as assigned.

The department chair maintains a visible onsite presence and works closely with other academic leaders, faculty and support staff at all locations. The department chair ensures that all services related to the academic offerings of the department are planned and delivered at the highest quality and without any interruptions. The department chair makes sure that SCAD’s policies and procedures are administered without any exceptions.

The department chair shows model leadership and makes sure that all faculty and staff of the department work toward the achievement of the university’s mission and strategic goals. Through long-term strategic decision-making and day-to-day operational actions, the department chair ensures the department’s intentional and measureable contribution to the university’s strategic plan (SCAD2020) and the 6Rs (recruitment, retention, recognition, revenue, research and results).

This Job is no longer active!