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Pipeline Supervisor



As part of Hasbro Entertainment, Boulder Media is building a new Feature Film Animation Division. We are excited to offer a talented Pipeline Supervisor the opportunity to join our very successful and established animation studio as we expand into a new area. We will be producing the first CG theatrical feature film made entirely in Ireland. The movie is based on a very well-known Hasbro property and we can’t wait to bring it to the big screen for the first time.

The Pipeline Supervisor will work closely with the CG supervisors and Head of Technology to create a world class feature animation pipeline. If this sounds like you, please apply! This is a great 

Responsibilities include:

·       Have a thirst to drive innovation in the team, staying abreast of technical developments.

·       Provide strong team leadership to implement creative software strategies and solutions to increase efficiency and utilization.

·       Manage the Pipeline teams day-to-day work, the development schedule and the teams personal development with the HR Manager.

·       Lead projects & oversee team’s projects as well a run own projects.

·       Oversee day-to-day support to creative and production teams.

·       Work closely with the Systems team, department heads and the production teams.

·       Coordinate with Head of Tech/CTO.

·       Work and deal with clients to receive the brief, discuss the facility's capabilities and determine the deadlines for delivery.

·       Work closely with Producers, artists and other necessary departments in creating high quality CG work.

·       Clearly brief developers on R&D and pipeline requirements.

·       Determine, modify and maintain the most effective and efficient technical approach and workflow possible.

·       Eliminate potential problems in pipeline tools before they impact on production.


Person Specification:

·       Ideal candidate will have experience managing a Pipeline team for a CG  studio.

·       Previous experience working within production leadership teams and meeting schedules.

·       Experience designing and implementing 2d & 3d pipelines from scratch or progressing existing pipelines at large facilities.

·       A good knowledge and experience of all areas of 3D (modeling, rigging, texturing, look development, environments, creature FX, lighting and FX).

·       Hands on tool development & maintenance across VFX disciplines working with standard industry packages. The ability to write code and assist in tool/pipeline R&D development.

·       Strong understanding of asset management, production workflows and colour pipeline.

·       Excellent on the spot technical problem-solving as well as foresight to potential issues.·       Approachable with strong communication skills both written and in person.

·       A thorough understanding of the entire visual effects process and the ability to interpret the artistic brief from the CG Supervisor.

·       Excellent organisational, communication and project management skills.

·       A working knowledge of the latest CG procedures and techniques.