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Executive Producer - Commercial


FuseFX has an opening in Los Angeles!  We have an opportunity for a newly-created role of an Executive Producer specifically focused on work in commercials.  FuseFX is an Emmy-award winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television, and commercials.


The Executive Producer has primary responsibility for the quality and success of all client relationships within the commercials division of the business.  This role will drive the growth of the division through existing relationships, referrals and other sources. They monitor the status of client relationships on all active and potential projects, and step in as needed to ensure clients feel they are receiving excellent service from FuseFX at all times. They also ensure FuseFX remains consistently in touch with clients over time, whether or not the client has projects currently in house. The Executive Producer may take on many of the duties of a Managing Producer and is required to maintain hands-on knowledge of the FuseFX pipeline. They will be expected to personally produce projects in the early stages of the division and move into producing those of strategic importance to the company as the division grows. They will work to convert clients into partners who view FuseFX as a key collaborator integral to the success of their current and future shows. 




Project Acquisition and Bidding


·       Lead efforts to secure new projects and represent FuseFX in pitch, concept, VFX and production meetings at studios and production offices

·       Play a central role in the development of relationships at the studio level, becoming the point of first contact for studio executives seeking bids for new projects.

·       Act as a bridge between FuseFX Business Development and Production, and ensure new business leads are smoothly integrated into Production

·       Establish relationships with first time clients, and set the tone of their working relationship with FuseFX for project success

·       Maintain and build relationships with existing clients. Position FuseFX to work on their future projects, and drive organic growth of the studio’s client base with word-of-mouth referrals

·       Bid projects no matter the size and complexity in a timely manner and, if circumstances make it necessary, with minimal support from VFX Supervisors and other staff

·       When bidding projects with limited information, leverage knowledge of bids and actuals from previous projects to construct a reasonable set of bid assumptions


Operations and Growth


·       Participate in developing and articulating the company’s client relations strategy, including differentiation from competitors, and priorities for client engagement and project types

·       Engage with pipeline, IT, and human resource teams to ensure company infrastructure and talent are in place to properly support the studio’s commitments

·       Communicate the security requirements of specific clients to studio leadership and technology teams, and confirm security protocols are in place for work to commence




Client Experience


·       In collaboration with other members of studio leadership, take overall responsibility for the quality of client relationships and Production staff

·       Advocate for client experience across the company, with particular focus on client touchpoints and the handoff between different departments

·       Establish a friendly yet professional tone for the facility's interactions with new clients, building the credibility necessary to manage client expectations throughout production

·       Take the lead in troubleshooting especially complex or contentious situations, and high-level client issues including relationships, workflow and budgets

·       Ensure client expectations are met consistently on every project. Sit in on client reviews, and advocate for a client-centric approach to Production

·       Meet regularly with key clients for feedback on their experience with FuseFX and address any issues. Look for opportunities to better serve clients, and increase Fuse’s share of their work


Team Oversight and Staffing


·       Identify opportunities to elevate the performance of the Commercials Production team, both individually and as a group, and coach Producers of all levels of experience

·       Ensure the Commercials team’s day-to-day work and priorities are aligned with strategy for the this division

·       Build relationships with candidates for department roles, evaluating their potential and fit. Maintain aroster of potential talent for use in staffing new projects at short notice

·       Encourage active discussion of client experience techniques and issues with the entire team. Role-model client relations, communication, and professional behavior


Shows in Production


·       Ensure the financial impact of creative and scheduling decisions is understood by all shows, and provide an increased level of oversight for projects that are near or over budget

·       Work to adjust budget and/or client expectations for projects that are near or over budget, to improve the project’s financial outcome

·       Produce shows of strategic importance, or those which carry especially high levels of financial or reputational risk.

·       Maintain hands-on knowledge of the Nucleus pipeline sufficient to produce shows effectively, understand the Production team’s workflow, and monitor the status of projects in detail


Traits of a successful Executive Producer at FuseFX


·       5+ years VFX Production experience, specifically in commercial production

·       Previous experience in providing detailed and accurate bids for VFX in commercials

·       Extensive knowledge of the VFX workflow including software, pipelines and roles

·       Previous experience producing complex CG & VFX commercial projects

·       Strong rolodex of industry contacts in the commercial space

This Job is no longer active!