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Animator / Shot Designer



Tangent Games is looking for an amazing Animator to work on our new previs project.

As a key member of the animation department you must be able to produce dynamic animation with a love for storytelling. Iteration, speed and flexibility are the team goals while making amazing memorable cinematic moments. 

  • Quick Sliding Walkthrough blocking of assigned story beats

  • UE4 Sequencer mocap clip stitching to build animation foundation

  • Keyframing and mocap editing to tune and design final performance

  • Dramatic dynamic poses and acrobatic action that meets story goals.

  • Design clean cinematic camerawork that tells the story

  • Los Angeles preferred: This project to be completely remote work from home.

  • Communication often w/ team members.

  • Willing to learn to animate and assemble scenes in Unreal Engine.

  • Excited to learn new tools and processes while producing work.

  • Willing to assist in other areas of minor modeling, texturing, lighting, efx placement rendering.  Etc.

  • Willing to ask for help.

  • Willing to work hard and focused

  • ProvideShow reel!

This Job is no longer active!