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Software Engineer - Simulation & Visualization


Role Summary

MSG Ventures, a Madison Square Garden company is looking for a Software Engineer specializing in real time content. This role will help bring the creative vision of our studio to life on a diverse mix of projects ranging from mobile applications and virtual reality software with intimate single user interfaces to complex multi-display installations with live control, many of which involve R&D. The Software Engineer leads the development of interactive, real time content systems as well as user interfaces. Working on a project from conception through execution, this position benefits from a broad range of skills such as realtime graphics, usability evaluation and scripting.

Specific Functions/Activities Summary

  • Collaborate closely with Engineering Lead to design, prototype, and develop VR / Desktop / Mobile applications, tools, and plugins for simulation and visualization of content for our venues to integrate into our previz / capture / dailies pipelines.
  • Work closely with Software Operations, Systems, and Venue Tech teams to integrate and test our tools on various hardware configurations.
  • Connect and integrate our applications with cloud-based backend solutions and services for Dailies review and approval.
  • Collaborate closely with Productions and other departments to share pipeline innovations, improvements, and help integrate our custom tools.
  • Communicate technical approaches and support proofs of concepts / projects with various partners and vendors.
  • Write technical documentation and clearly communicate complex solutions and challenges, even to non-technical staff.
  • Work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each.
  • Stay current on relevant technology and conduct necessary research, due diligence, prototyping, and testing to assess emerging technology options.
  • Identify areas that require attention and work with the Software project management team to ensure time and resources are properly allocated.


  • 4+ years professional software engineering or related field experience required
  • Expertise in C# and the Unity game engine is required
  • Expertise in shader languages is strongly preferred (i.e. Cg/ShaderLab, HLSL, GLSL)
  • Experience optimizing low level 3d rendering is a bonus
  • Domain knowledge in on-set/off-set film production, virtual production, and/or previsualization pipelines is highly preferred
  • Extensive working knowledge of securely integrating external APIs, backend cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and implementing networked applications is highly preferred
  • Experience with various video codecs and streaming protocols is highly preferred
  • Excellent communication and team interaction skills is required
  • Applicants should provide their own code samples for tools or apps along with technical design documentation