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Virtual Production Stage Operator


Project: Avatar Sequels

TCF US Productions 27, Inc. - Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Position: Virtual Production Stage Operator

We are looking for a full-time Virtual Production Stage Operator. In this role you will work with

Virtual Camera Operators to create the ideal virtual environments and motion for their shots.

You will manipulate and edit animation, performance capture data, lighting, assets and FX on

the fly and under pressure. You must be quick thinking with the ability to problem solve and

thrive in a challenging environment. You will also work closely with the Real-Time Operator and

Video Assist to roll and record takes for both Virtual Cameras and performance capture.

As a Stage Operator, your other duties include QC’ing files to ensure they are ready to go live

on stage, and “zintegrating” physical set builds so that they line up with virtual sets when we do

performance capture.

Ideal candidates must be able to learn and adapt to new tools and workflows as we are working

at the bleeding edge of virtual film production.

Excellent communication skills are a must. You have to communicate clearly what you are doing in files so that the correct slate names are generated. Listening and following directions is paramount. Good communication is also important for the collaborative aspects of the position.

The project is long term and so we are looking for candidates who can commit to multiple years

of work.


  • Proficient in Motionbuilder

  • Experience with motion capture

  • Basic understanding of film lighting and cinematography, as well as the terminology

    associated with it

  • Flexibility

  • Strong understanding of animation principles


  • Familiarity/experience with a Virtual Production pipeline

  • Strong passion for the filmmaking process

  • Good note-taking skills

  • Proficient in Maya and Photoshop

Candidates must be US citizens or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) holders.

This Job is no longer active!