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Unreal Generalist


Waterproof Studios is looking for an experienced Unreal Generalist to join our growing team.

The ideal candidate would be technically and artistically minded, with experience in real time game engines, preferably within Unreal Sequencer with knowledge of cinematic pipelines. 


  • 2+ years experience utilizing game engines within a game development or cinematic production environment

  • Proficient with Unreal engine

  • Experience working with Sequencer & related tools within Unreal

  • Experience integrating assets, animations and FX into the Unreal engine

  • Exporting data and renders 

  • Positive attitude & self motivated with excellent communication skills both written and oral

  • The proactive ability to problem solve issues quickly and offer solutions in a timely manner

  • Detail oriented with the ability to track and document Unreal processes

  • Experience with Motion Builder is an asset

  • Experience with Maya is an asset


  • Create shots in Unreal Engine by using sequences or matinee.

  • Create cinematic sequences that will require the animation of characters, props, and cameras.

  • Use motion blur, depth of field, and other effects to simulate real cameras in UE4.

  • Understand cinematic language and camera terminology.

  • Rendering in UE4 and submitting scenes for approval. 

 Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with Unreal Engine 3 & 4, specifically with Sequencer or matinee, importing animation and cameras and setting up cinematics in unreal.

  • Experience with Autodesk Maya's and Mobu's Rigs is a plus.

  • Experience using motion capture and animation to tell a story, and an inherent understanding of animation timing.

  • Knowledge of real world cameras, and an intuitive understanding of focal length and depth of field.

  • Experience with a game or cinematic environment project.

  • Experience with Perforce is a plus.

  • Organized and detail-oriented.

– Please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/ew7xMwsDmDupUF1J2