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Senior Gameplay Programmer


At Liquid Swords Inc., we are focusing on one thing only and that is making unforgettable open-world action experiences. We have decades of experience in this genre that we have come to love as it has zero creative boundaries and offers you as a designer to broaden your creative horizons. We are hiring talented developers with a strong passion for making and playing games.

Joining our team now, means that you will be a part of creating video games history, working on the early concept of our next-generation action packed open-world experience.

This is a full-time position based out of Liquid Swords legendary HQ in Nacka, Sweden (10 minutes from the city of Stockholm) in a no-nonsense studio built by concrete and metal. We follow all governments recommendations regarding Covid-19 pandemic and will ensure a safe work environment if you choose to work at the office or from home.

What you’ll be doing
In the beginning, during the prototype phase, you will be involved in all code related questions and topics and be the expert when it comes to Gameplay programming. You will both help to find and evaluate what tech and tools will be best for the game, produce code within many different areas and help form the code department. At the end of the prototype and while going into the next phase you will get the opportunity to focus on only Gameplay or if you found a new area of interest, go into that. If you choose Gameplay some of the things you will do is to implement code for gameplay and systems to support gameplay and work closely with other coders and content creators to realize a high quality AAA game.

Is this you?
A programmer with previous experience from programming gameplay on AAA open world games. You have professional experience working in C++ in some C++ based game engine, if you have experience from working in Unreal that is extra meritorious. You have a keen interest in games and gameplay and are probably a gamer yourself. You enjoy working in cross-functional teams with a lot of cooperation and are excited to take the step to join a startup and be part of building a brand new game and company!

Why you should be working at Liquid Swords!

  • A privately held company, financed by founder Christofer Cundberg and a group of private investors who also function as advisors to the company.
  • A senior startup in the sense that all essentials like insurances, pensions and funding are in place at the same time as you get to be involved in building both a company and a game from the ground up.
  • Game development to the core. We focus on game development and game development only. Our focus is not numbers or securing investments.
  • We develop AAA games with a small studio approach. We’re not planning to grow the company into a +200 employee company, but to maintain it relatively small. Everyone is required to take on multiple roles and be entrepreneurs within their field of expertise.
  • Our core team members have a proven track-record of developing multi-million selling franchises.
  • Our focus is to develop mature intellectual properties for the adult player.
  • We take risks where risks are worth taking in order to avoid distractions for the team. Content and quality are kings.
  • All our games are developed on the Unreal EngineTM.

Good to know!
We are an equal opportunity employer hiring, promoting, and compensating employees based on your qualifications and demonstrated ability to perform your job responsibilities. We encourage applications regardless of your age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, belief, creed or race.

About the company
At Liquid Swords focus is making unforgettable open-world action experiences. The release of high-quality, innovative and million-selling games is what defines our success, not the size of investments, staff count or revenue. Liquid Swords was founded in 2020 by Christofer Sundberg, founder and formerly Chief Creative Officer of Avalanche Studios. The studio is backed financially by Christofer Sundberg and a group of private investors. Our approach to game development is (by games industry standards) a small-studio approach, where our team members contribute with entrepreneurship in their respective field of expertise. The team at Liquid Swords have worked on numerous multi-million selling franchises in the past and their experience and talent will define our roadmap to success. All our games are developed on the Unreal Engine™, allowing us to adapt the technology to suit our needs but most importantly to focus on content, proving our vision and goals early. Our games are made for the adult core player, where characters, story as well as player freedom are strong features.