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Game Designer


Looking for a Game Designer

OrionGames is an ambitious company working on its first PC/Console title developed in Unity, Arto. It’s a top down action adventure game inspired by games such as Hades and Hyper Light Drifter. We made solid progress working on our game and as we’re nearing its release next year, we are looking for an experienced game designer to evaluate our work, offer feedback on what can be improved, which systems can be expanded on, and to design a roadmap of tasks that need doing before the title is shipped. Here is a link to our game that better showcases what Arto is all about: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u9stFw6g1umM1DNBYQSUOAMRIhAr1Mth/view?usp=sharing

Our culture is collaborative and relaxed, our team is small (<10). We encourage feedback and cooperation. We are a multicultural and fully remote team.


·        Game design documentation- clearly defining features within the game

·        Game feel- working in Unity to improve the combat, dialogue, and exploration experience

·        Roadmap development- clearly plan out and design tasks that need to be finished over the next 6-8 months

·        Work closely with other team members to plan out their specific tasks clearly



·        Experience with the Unity Engine

·        Project management and knowledge of Scrum

·        Knowledge of building game design documentation as well as experience in breaking down large tasks into their components

·        Experience in working on combat-driven, action-adventure games

·        Fluency in English

·        Communication skills- You will be joining a project that’s already defined and now needs more polish. It is vital that you can communicate efficiently and effectively to catch up and learn the ropes quickly

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