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ASVP Visualization Specialist


Job summary
Amazon Studios Virtual Production (ASVP) is looking for an ASVP Visualization Specialist for our team. You will interface with production to help filmmakers create Amazon Original Movies and Series for Prime Video. This includes supporting, developing, and hosting virtual production visualization services. You will report to the ASVP Visualization Supervisor and your primary responsibility will be creating visualizations for Amazon Studios production execs and key creatives. These will include pitch-vis, virtual location scouting, tech-vis, sequence blocking, 3D scanning, location capture, world-building, and more. You may be asked to work with the director, DP, VFX Supervisor, and Virtual Production Supervisor to help refine the creative planning, prototyping, and storytelling process.

Key job responsibilities
• Strong communication skills with the ability to interpret and prioritize client needs.
• Strong understanding of the visualization process from start-to-finish, and knowing which vis-steps are necessary.
• Create, update, track and proactively maintain inward and outward-facing production resources and documents.
• Experience in working with a stunt-vis team, and knowing how to best prep them for capture and recording data.
• Able to generate technical diagrams & Quicktime’s that demonstrate complex technical issues and requirements on set in a clear and concise manner.
• Serves as a bridge between individual productions and departments to make sure communication is clear and information is received in a timely manner.
• Able to work efficiently in a small team or solo to meet client needs.
• On-set experience to understand and plan the best layout possible to maximize on-set work.
• Execute technically difficult work while maintaining a productive and constructive attitude under the high pressure of production.
• Assist in creating pre-production art, pre-vis, and final pixels assets for live action VP photography.
• Superior knowledge of the 12 principles of animation such as staging, timing, ease in, ease out and anticipation
• Contribute to the development and operation of the Amazon digital asset management system for locations, vehicles, architecture, characters, props and any other CG assets.
• Contribute to the development of custom pipelines for projects with specific creative and/or technological needs in collaboration with Amazon’s engineering teams.
• Constantly be testing new world building software, plug-ins, and methodologies.
• Participate in daily and weekly reporting of production work.

A day in the life
As part of the ASVP Visualization department, you will guide clients through the best paths needed to depict their vision. Whether it’s a matter of the client just starting their project and needing guidance on beginning a pitch-vis. Or perhaps the client already has pre-vis of a sequence and would need an efficient method of completing those shots on set. Let’s say they’ve completed their principle of photography and are ready to go into VFX. But they are still a little foggy on the details. Post-vis would be a fast way to clear up their vision. Much of this would require strong communication skills, an understanding of pitch-vis, pre-vis, tech-vis, stunt-vis, and post-vis. All to best prepare the client to take their film on set and further.

About the team
ASVP is helping filmmakers bring their projects to life in a safe, innovative, and inspired art facility. You must be a builder at heart and a collaborator in spirit. This position will work closely with key creatives, production, and the talented technology crews of Amazon Studios Tech/AWS. We obsess over the filmmaker and the filmmaking process. This is ground zero for the enhancing the filmmaking processes with technology and innovative VP tools. Our new filmmaker workflows will ensure safety, limit exposure, add flexibility to schedules, and bring creative talent together in innovative ways.


• 2+ years of experience as a CG artist for a VFX or pre-visualization company.
• Understand cinematic language, camera terminology and have the ability to use motion blur, depth of field and other effects, to create realism.
• Have strong character and camera animation skills.
• Understand the principles for shot continuity of sequence to help guide shot creation.
• Demonstrate, via demo reel, the ability to create shots and sequence edits to communicate visual story telling.


• Communicate technical needs to Art Dept, Camera, Stunts, SFX and VFX
• Proven techvis and/or technical planning experience
• Working knowledge of the roles of various departments on set (Camera, Art Dept, Grips, Gaffers, SFX, Stunts, video assist)
• Ability to create sequences of shots from storyboards and/or script pages
• Animate creatures, props, and vehicles.
• Create scene lighting that complements the shot and matches the sequence.
• Experience in compositing and simulations whether through Unreal’s Niagara or standard DCC
• Understanding of concepts in previs such as the creation alpha/transparency cards and animated UV's for visual effects.
• Texture, rig, and light models quickly and efficiently.
• Design accurate models from storyboards, concept art, and/or script pages.
• Good understanding of concepts, practices, and procedures used in VFX, live-action film production, and the game industry
• DCC experience a plus: Maya, Houdini, Blender, 3DSMax, Nuke, Zbrush, Substance Painter
• Working knowledge of version control systems, eg., Perforce, Git.
• VFX CG/Light/Comp department workflow experience at a VFX facility.
• Experience with LiDAR scanning, photogrammetry, and processing for Unreal usage.
• A keen eye for photo-reality is a plus.

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