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Senior Concept Artist


Intrepid Studios is looking for an experienced Senior Concept Artist with a passion for rich, fantastical worlds to join our team of talented developers and help bring the expansive MMO, Ashes of Creation, to life. If you are a self-driven, passionate artist who is looking for a highly collaborative and creative environment, then this position is for you!


  • Work closely with the Lead Concept Artist and other invested creatives to define the look and feel of the game and ensure the visual target is met or exceeded
  • Create unique and inspired concept designs that range from blue sky worldbuilding and mood to the nitty-gritty details
  • Propose compelling and exciting ideas built on thorough research and exploration
  • Based on input from Art and Design leadership, create a broad scope of concepts for characters, environments, props, events, and any other needs or find a focus within your distinct specialty
  • Actively participate in technical and aesthetic problem-solving discussions
  • Complete quality work under established and agreed-upon deadlines
  • Assist your Lead in guiding and mentoring the less experienced artists toward success
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of the game world, its inhabitants, and any limitations set forth by the team


  • 5-10 years experience creating concept art for video games and/or film
  • Expert level proficiency with Photoshop or equivalent 2D software
  • Demonstrated ability to create high-quality work in a realistic/high fantasy style
  • Ability to quickly iterate on an idea, as well as take an asset to a final, illustrated state
  • Working knowledge of architectural design, human and animal anatomy, functional design, and historical/regional aesthetics
  • Strong understanding of traditional art fundamentals including composition, perspective, color theory, lighting, proportion, and surface properties
  • Strong visual design instincts and ability to create concepts that support and enhance the vision of the art direction
  • Self-motivated and driven with excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work well within a highly collaborative team of passionate developers
  • Receptive to art direction and critiques from project leadership and team members

Additional Considerations (Pluses):

  • A portfolio that shows experience working within fantasy themes and visual stylings
  • Experience with 3D packages such as Blender, Zbrush, 3DCoat, or equivalent
  • Foundation in traditional arts including painting, sculpture, figure drawing, illustration
  • Experience in other disciplines such as storyboarding, UI design, 3D modeling or sculpting, or illustration.
  • Strong technical ability and willingness to learn new tools, techniques, and workflows

Required Application Materials:

  • Resume and cover letter
  • Portfolio that demonstrates skill in environment, character, creature, vehicle, weapon, and/or prop concept development
  • An art test may be required