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Senior Economy Designer


Intrepid Studios is looking for a passionate and talented Senior Economy Designer, interested in creating brand new worlds with a brand-new IP. Our Senior Economy Designer would take ownership of the game economy for Ashes of Creation and how all of the economic systems contribute to this economy, including crafting systems, item drops, quest rewards, and many more. They will create, balance, and manage the ins and outs of many different items and game currencies within a massive player-driven economy driven by thousands of players. They will constantly work alongside designers in other disciplines to establish reward structures and currency sinks that make various game systems feel rewarding while also maintaining a healthy mass economy. A passion for MMORPGs is required!


  • Design overarching reward structures and currency systems fit for a player-driven economy in an MMORPG.
  • Create economic systems that facilitate fun gameplay loops that enhance gameplay replayability.
  • Maintain overall balance between multiple interacting economic systems to establish a healthy game economy.
  • Develop and maintain documentation and spreadsheet balance of economic systems.
  • Continually iterate, balance and tune features and gameplay based on feedback from team, QA, and playtesting.
  • Communicate, coordinate, and participate in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, cross-studio team environment.
  • Be adaptable, detail-oriented, well-organized and a great communicator.
  • Mentor junior designers.


  • 5+ years of game development experience in an economy designer role.
  • Shipped multiplayer titles on the current generation of consoles or PC.
  • Strong proficiency in Excel spreadsheet maintenance and balancing.
  • Passion for games and game development.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong ability to deconstruct high-level gameplay systems and creative direction into specific technical details, features and tasks.
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, iterative environment, while delivering under deadlines and time constraints.
  • Ability to learn new development tools and technologies.
  • Unreal 4 experience is a major plus.

Required Application Materials:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter which should include:
    • Why you are interested in working at Intrepid
    • What games you are currently playing