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Sales Engineer


Who are we hiring?
Sphere Studios’ Sales Engineer will serve as head of presentation strategy, creative/sales demos, and front-of-house for our all tours at a leading-edge immersive entertainment studio. They will be responsible for shaping and presenting key messaging around Sphere’s vision and innovations to a variety of key B2B clients, including VIPs, potential business partners, and top creative talent. This position will serve alongside a Specialist VIP Tours and Talent, Stage Manager, and in-house strategy/production teams and technology experts to ensure our tours and demonstrations are consistently executed with polish, confidence, accuracy, and enthusiasm. In this role, Sphere’s Sales Engineer will regularly interface with studio management, production, and creative departments to craft and understand every element of the tour script, studio tech, and demo material inside and out, accommodating updates and additions as our studio and technologies evolve. They will also be responsible for overseeing the activities of a Specialist VIP Tours & Talent, who will handle the logistical/outreach facets of the VIP tour process. This position requires attention to detail, diligence, organization, communication, writing skills, management experience, and an ability to stay calm under pressure. Sphere Studios is part of Madison Square Garden Entertainment. Our focus is transforming the live entertainment experience, through the delivery of Sphere as its associated businesses. The future of immersive experience across film, theatre, and live music are being designed for our groundbreaking venues here. As such this Sales Engineer position offers the opportunity to shape key messaging/outreach strategies and be in the vanguard of a company which is defining the future of entertainment.

What will you do?


· Expertly deliver the sensory story of Sphere, including our unique values, features, demos, and benefits to VIPs and tour attendees

· Memorize, maintain, and evolve our tour script in a clear, concise, informative, and compelling manner –– working with strategy and creative development on a continuing basis to augment the script, run of show, and tour support teams depending on the level of importance and areas of interest of each tour guest.

· Bring key insights around the marketing/interactive/immersive space to improve our VIP tour strategy and script as necessary, providing key insights on B2B messaging, presentation strategies, and industry insights.

· Meet, greet, and guide guests through the VIP tour, making introductions to our in-house experts as necessary

· Work with our teams to deeply understand the content being presented, while demonstrating the ability to answer basic questions about Sphere, and elegantly defer to expert support when necessary

· Collaborate with Specialist VIP Tours and Talent, and Stage Manager to ensure demo content is in order, and all elements of the run of show are prepped and ready for flawless execution

· Conduct multiple (2-3) tours a day?in an orderly and?safe?fashion, following pre-established health and safety guidelines??

· Ensure tour guests are comfortable and accommodated throughout the tour

· Organize and conduct tour rehearsals when there has been a change in content line-up or is otherwise necessary

· Work across departments to schedule internal team members as needed, to support attendees’ questions and conversations during tours

· Create executive summaries to report on tour observations, client reactions, follow-up directives and potential areas of improvement for each tour presented

· Ability to train new hires, handle complex scheduling and monitor overall performance



· Flexible hours: Occasional work on evenings and weekends may be required

· Travel may occur occasionally

· Ability to drive is preferred, but not required

What do you need to succeed?

·3-5 years of consumer electronics or Virtual Entertainment sales or PR experience (hardware or software)

· Developer relations experience helpful

· Excellent executive level presentation skills

· Outstanding public speaking, verbal, and written communication skills

· Highly prepared and punctual

· Strong time management skills

· Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while managing multiple tasks

· Excellent memorization and time management skills with the ability to articulate and inject energy and enthusiasm into any presentation

· Ability to work as part of a team

· Ability to adapt to requests and changes to the tour on short notice.?

· High level of commitment and demonstrated flexibility with the availability to work evening and weekends, when necessary

· Relevant industry knowledge (Film, Technology, Immersive) or a passion to learn more about entertainment and future technologies

· Ability to work closely with various departments to create a hospitable work environment for employees and tour guests

· Experience in a tour-related?or?entertainment industry desired

· Proficient in Mac and Microsoft Office