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Technical Artist


The Role 

Dark Slope is seeking a Technical Artist to work on animated shows rendered using Unreal Engine. The ideal candidate will have prior technical artist experience in animation or video games. As a Technical Artist, you will contribute to the success of our production teams and our projects by maximizing the visual fidelity while staying within the technical constraints. We are looking for someone who is an excellent collaborator, with a broad base of art and technical knowledge.


    • Conceptualize, design, and develop the visual aesthetic of Dark Slope Studios projects
    • Design FX and particle systems to be used in engine
    • Animation and rigging experience with an understanding of their technical constraints
    • 3D environmental modelling, texturing, and lighting
    • Create materials and shaders for assets in engine, ability to author functional and efficient materials
    • Knowledge of lighting techniques, develop lighting setups and troubleshoot issues
    • Optimize content for memory and performance gains, while maintaining visual fidelity
    • Define and maintain asset workflows, structure and production standards
    • Collaborate with programmers to develop and test new visual features
    • Artwork optimization - extensive experience with asset organization and scene optimization
    • Collaboration with artists to visualize design concepts and prototypes
    • High level contributions to a team-oriented agile workflow to plan, size, and prioritize the project development
    • A deep understanding of game engine features affecting the scene and scene assets


    • Capacity to think out-of-the-box to overcome technical challenges
    • Knowledge of relevant software packages (Maya, UE5)
    • Experience with Unreal Blueprint
    • Comfortable in a range of content creation software including Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush/Mudbox, Houdini, Substance Painter/Designer

Useful Skills & Experience

    • Rigging/Skin weighting/Blendshape/IK skills
    • Ability to optimize rigs for use in virtual productions
    • Retargeting animation experience
    • Knowledge of relevant software packages: Faceware, Motionbuilder, 3DS Max, etc.
    • Solid understanding of fundamental animation skills
    • Realtime Hair/Cloth/Physics/Fluid simulation experience
    • Unity/Other game engine experience
    • Artistic ability
    • Able to use and modify scripts in various languages (MEL/Python/Blueprints and C++)
    • Ability to retopologize portions of models when problems are discovered