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Senior Animator


Supported by Lead Animators and Art Directors, the?Senior?Animator?will spearhead the creation and delivery of high-quality animation assets, including organic character navigation, engaging combat, and cinematic storytelling.? 

The ideal candidate for this senior developer role has experience animating and enhancing existing animations for AAA titles and can translate a thorough understanding of the principles of body movement into eye-capturing work that meets project expectations and deadlines.?? 

Your responsibilities in this role will entail delivering and improving upon on a wide variety of sequences—from first-person weapons, AI animations, to polished cinematic facial performances.?It is essential that the person in this position is well-versed in 3D content creation software, such as Motion Builder. Comprehensive knowledge of state machine implementation is a plus!?? 

Beyond the technical know-how, we are seeking an animator that possesses the interpersonal skills necessary to do the job effectively, the vision to collaborate on pipeline elements cross-departmentally, and the clarity to collectively achieve those objectives.? 

This job is a full-time position available to work remotely or based out of our Irvine studio.


  • Contribute to motion capture review and cleanup efforts 
  • Create compelling and memorable character animations through a blend of motion capture and some key-frame animation
  • Demonstrate flexibility and competency across all levels of animation from cinematic rough blocking and staging to higher polish tasks
  • Produce visually stunning performances in a range of animation styles?
  • Work with motion capture data for both cinematic and in-game features?
  • Implement gameplay animations into state machine??
  • Collaborate cross-departmentally to establish, iterate, and refine the animation pipeline?
  • Work closely with animators and programmers to construct, implement and debug polished gameplay mechanics??
  • Facilitate and inform tool development for animation-centric deliverables?


  • 5+ years of professional gameplay animation experience??
  • Previous motion capture experience
  • Bachelor's degree in Art/Animation or equivalent experience?
  • Demo reel demonstrating strong animation principles—preferably?implemented?in a real time engine??


  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4
  • Well-versed with the motion capture pipeline
  • Adept comprehension of?Motion Builder?and Maya
  • Understanding of animation pipeline, integration, tools, and character rigs?
  • Demonstrated ability to succeed in creative, team-oriented environments??
  • Excellent communication, time-management, and organizational skills??
  • Pride in everything you animate, a positive attitude and aptitude for technical problem-solving?
  • Ability to take direction and critique from peers and supervisors to ensure consistency
  • Proficient command of weight, timing, and posing through motion capture data manipulation as it relates to animation?


  • AAA game development experience?
  • Familiarity with animation blending systems?
  • Published title working with FPS or TPS perspectives??
  • Knowledge of commercial and proprietary game engines
  • A deep-rooted interest in video games and game development?