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Motion Capture Specialist


Work Performed:

  • Intermediate Shotgun use

  • QA other people's finished body solves

  • Keep project on track for all delivery dates

  • Prepare deliverables for the client

  • tracking and solving

  • All solving related duties; seeds, batching, solving, retargeting

  • Face Tracking - Faceware when applicable

  • Face Solving - Faceware when applicable

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Support the management team on any other duties as assigned

Skills and Knowledge Preferred:

  • Giant

  • MotionBuilder

  • Maya

  • Intermediate Motive

  • Strong communication abilities

  • Strong troubleshooting abilities

  • Strong practical understanding of animation logic: node graphs, animation hierarchies, and similar technologies

  • Enthusiastic, methodical and organised approach to work with high quality standards

  • Able to document and explain work clearly and concisely

  • Basic understanding of rigging, skinning and related character functionalities 

  • Basic knowledge of human anatomy 

  • Must be able to provide and accept feedback and work as part of and lead a team

Optional Areas of Expertise:

  • MEL, HSL, Python scripting

  • Advanced knowledge of rigging, skinning and related character functionalities 

  • Advanced animation skills with IK rigs and Story tool in MotionBuilder

  • Shotgun management and organization

  • Advanced communications within the work group and with clients

  • Perform shoot AD tasks

  • Stage setup and capture

  • Realtime and virtual camera set up

  • Facial capture setup

Education/Work Experience:

  • Diploma in 3D animation from an accredited school

  • Minimum one year of experience in a motion capture related industry