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Technical Content Operator


Under direction of the VP Supervisor, the technical content operator will take primary responsibility for real-time operation/manipulation of engine project scenes on the master box during shoot sessions - handling level load-in, NDisplay mapping, hardware/tracking interfaces over Live Link, multi-user session configs and playback and record operation.

This individual has a proven track record in on-set production, as they will be working with the VP Supervisor and being hands on with Directors, DPs, and creative leads on-set.  They will be able to translate the language/direction given to the virtual world and apply appropriate responses that can be made in real-time within the engine.  A clear and concise communicator, they have the ability to converse on a technical level with other key departments.  Knowledge with remote operation, VR Scouting, camera grip both real and virtual.


  • Serve as a UE content operator for the studio Virtual Production Supervisor during production shoot days.
  • Be the formal handoff point from the pre-production team once content moves to ‘perforce lock’.
  • Help monitor content performance on the wall and assist in technical art adjustments on-set.
  • Assist with content validation leading up to shoot days and in any testing required.

Education, Experience:

  • 6+ years operating Unreal Engine.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4.27 in the context of real time virtual production. Considered an expert in NDisplay, Multi-user (concert) and Live Link.
  • Extensive Perforce SCM experience.
  • Familiarity with motion capture systems.
  • Familiarity with ACES/OCIO color pipelines.
  • Knowledge of C++ and Python.

Full-Time Staff Position