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VP of Development - Hybrid


Who are we hiring?
1. Establish, standardize & grow the Creative Department 2. General show development – Present, Near Future & beyond 3. Specific show development process and goals 4. Talent relationship & growth 5. Production support and feedback

What will you do?


a. Work with Head of Creative and development team to create an organizational system that best suits current and future needs. Research, meeting notes, story documents and other crucial learnings will be sorted in a way to best fit the team and MSG Studios for all projects and concepts.

b. Establish methodology for workflow and responsibilities. Design a system to be lean and efficient, to help grow projects for pitch, greenlight & production.

c. Clarify and strengthen relationship to other departments. Successful MSG Sphere events will rely on all departments coordinating well with each other.


a. Participate in current MSG Sphere Studios Shoots. (Duties enumerated below in 5a)

b. Build ideas for “Next Development.”

c. Select and grow additional ideas for “General Development.”

d. Develop ‘sequel’ and ‘spinoff’ concepts for successful shows.

e. Develop concepts to ‘update’/’upgrade’ shows that will be displayed in proceeding years at future Sphere locations.
i. Analyze VFX/4D to be upgraded
ii. Research 4D to be altered per new specs of different locations
iii. Discuss additional new scenes, voiceover and/or narration as added content


a. Build internal idea development process. Using specific (and ever-growing) knowledge of what shows are needed for Sphere, concepts should be generated that are ripe for further development. Internal research can lead to Open Directing Assignments when they are ready for external talent attachment and pitching.

b. Clarify external idea intake and approval process. When external talent approaches Sphere with concepts for Sphere shows, there should be an evaluation system in place to identify which concepts will work and are worth further investigation and development.

c. Begin and continue general story/IP research process. Opportunities may arise to build Sphere Show concepts based new or existing Intellectual Properties.
i. Articles, Books, Songs, etc.
ii. Part of the Department’s mission should be to seek out and present any potential candidates that are worth further discussion

d. Establish workflow process: from initial idea to MSG approval pitch. streamline processes so that the maximum number of ideas can be put into the Creative Department workflow.
i. This should provide a large and diverse selection of ideas to pitch for greenlight and production
ii. The process can evolve as Sphere Shows release and audience response

e. Collect internal & external data on potential show audience and interest. To identify and build the Sphere Shows with the greatest audience potential, research and market studies will help compliment the creative materials.
i. Data will aid in the decision making during the greenlight process
ii. Adapt to create budgets that reflect potential demand for different shows

f. Pitch shows to MSG for approval/greenlight with appropriate materials. Once the potential MSG Shows have been identified, developed with attached talent, and then supported by statistical market surveys and audience research studies, they can move on to the pitching phase.
i. This may include building decks, visual aids, sizzle reels or test studies
ii. The pitches will be designed to allow next steps – greenlight, prep and production – to commence in an efficient, economical and clear manner

What do you need to succeed?

1. Minimum ten years in feature film and/or television Development experience.
a. Experience creating pitch materials, treatments, drafts, redrafts
b. Experience creating notes and studio comments for delivery and discussion to executives, talent and directors
c. Current A-List creative relationships in entertainment industry
d. Current Top-Tier executive and agency connections
e. Experience identifying, negotiating and buying IP for development


2. Minimum five years of feature film and/or television Production experience.
a. On-Set Producer experience with knowledge of how productions, budgets and schedules are created and function in relation to daily work
b. Post-Production experience (supervision of editorial, vfx, scoring and marketing)
c. Experience preparing physical productions (scouting, budget analysis, previs & storyboard supervision, etc)
d. Experience on location, dealing with production & studio issues from a distance


3. Minimum two years of Immersive Technology experience.
a. Experience in non-traditional storytelling via cutting-edge immersive technology
b. Experience in assisting new technology development for changing storytelling needs
c. Connections within AR/VR/XR industry and business

Why is MSG for me?
With MSG Sphere, we are creating an entirely new medium that will deliver immersive entertainment experiences at an unparalleled scale. Beyond a venue, Sphere is a multi-sensory platform with experiential technology programming directly to your senses. You will see in ways never imagined, hear with every fiber of your being, and experience like never before. To deliver on this promise, we are building the largest immersive venue in the world, MSG Sphere at The Venetian in Las Vegas, with a second Sphere venue planned for London, pending necessary approvals. To create immersive experiences, and content unique to Sphere, we are growing our full stack creative, experience, design, production and engineering team across our Burbank studio in Los Angeles and Ventures headquarters in New York.

We focus on Career Development and Invest in YOU
Candidates who have completed 60 credits of college-level coursework (representing 2 years), or have shown similar self-development through certifications, trade school coursework, etc. are preferred. Educational requirements may differ from job to job based on the role.

We value diversity and are looking for extraordinary employees of all backgrounds
At MSG we value diversity and are looking for extraordinary employees of all backgrounds! MSG is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, sexual and reproductive health choices, national origin, citizenship, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status. In addition to federal law requirements, MSG complies with all applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in all locations. #LI-SA1

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