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As a Senior Technical Animator, you’ll work closely with animators, engineers, and designers. This critical role focuses on developing and improving animation features in engine, implementing assets, and optimizing current animation systems, tools, and practices. Do you have expertise creating and maintaining animation blueprints, animation trees, and montages within Unreal? Have you specialized in creating rigs for a variety of creatures and characters to be used in an Unreal game. If so, you could be responsible for providing support, guidance, problem solving, and creating innovative solutions for our animation creation pipeline both internally and externally.

  • Ability to create animation trees in Unreal for a variety of characters and creatures that range in levels of complexity.
  • Support and implement animation content, and fine tune parameters for gameplay animation
  • Work directly with Programming, Animation, and Design to prototype and deliver excellent combat, character locomotion and movement mechanics, facial animation, and other new game features to deliver extremely polished gameplay and animation.
  • Help to determine risk/reward throughout the process
  • Help document design features and parameters, brainstorming all avenues for the creation of animation content
  • Investigate, identify, and improve pipeline, optimize workflows and tools, setting best practices/standards streamlining the animation process
  • Work with the Studio Art Director during the concept phase to advise on rig creation, and animation set for a variety of characters and creatures.
  • Troubleshoot asset and editor problems for the Animation and other development teams
  • Document systems and feature functionality for use by the teams and future employees
  • Coordinate with all departments to achieve project goals
  • Support in content creation when needed.

  • Solid knowledge of current and next-gen art techniques and fundamental animation principles.
  • Solid experience with the animation creation pipeline From Maya to Unreal with the knowledge to help build and maintain animation systems
  • Self-motivated, structured, proactive, and detailed oriented.
  • Relentless drive to find solutions and help the team move forward

  • Enthusiastic gamer with a passion for making great games and animations
  • Experience with multiple 3D packages
  • Experience with cinematics and facial animation
  • Ability to create a variety of rigs in Maya that can be optimized for real-time gameplay.
  • Experience working with procedural/physically-altered animation techniques