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Sr. Graphics Rendering Engineer



The Senior Graphics Rendering Engineer should have strong communication and team building skills and embrace modern development processes and techniques that improve code quality and productivity.  The ability to listen with empathy and seek to understand the perspective of others is one of the keys to success within our Agile teams.  Individuals who are eager to learn and seek new challenges are highly valued. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • 5 years of experience writing clear, maintainable, portable C/C++ code
  • Professional software and architecture development experience in Media and Entertainment
  • 3+ years of experience working on or creating real-time rendering engines.
  • Comprehensive experience with the full graphics rendering pipeline
  • Design, develop and maintain customer focused hardware accelerated tooling
  • Profile, benchmark and optimize rendering, pipelines and shading to deliver performance
  • Ship products to a variety of industry partners


  • Experience with Universal Scene Description and Hydra delegate development
  • Experience with DirectX 11/12, Vulkan, Metal, or other modern graphics APIs and RT extensions
  • Experience creating a production rendering pipeline, Monte Carlo techniques and PBR
  • Experience writing well documented systems balancing performance and maintainability
  • Expert knowledge of 3D math, CG algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with networking including server/client systems and cloud infrastructure
  • Experience with HLSL, MaterialX, OSL and other vendor specific shader languages
  • Communication ability that supports an open working environment and constant feedback
  • Works well with engineers, artists and scientists on hardware, software and artistic vision
  • Ability to optimize both performance and memory footprint using profilers on CPU and GPUs
  • Experience debugging graphics pipelines and with modern testing methodologies
  • Familiarity with multithreaded programming, multi-core parallelism and microservices
  • Experience with standard game engines Unreal, Unity, Godot or equivalent
  • Strong background with content creation pipeline (Maya, Blender, Houdini, Omniverse)
  • Experience with industry render solutions, hardware ray tracing and render management

Recommended Skills:

  • Experience in designing and creating systems, tools, and assets for production  
  • Ability to collaborate and offer solutions with great problem-solving skills  
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills (English)  
  • Version control, CI/CD and agile/devops methodologies and package management
  • Write technical specifications, architecture design documentation and customer whitepapers
  • Review code and offer constructive feedback, mentor junior devs 
  • Engage with users and customers to fully understand their needs
  • Research coding techniques and algorithms, keep current on industry developments
  • Work with content and engineering partners to identify problems and offer new solutions
  • Create robust, maintainable code in a cross-platform environment
  • Utilize industry standard tooling including Azure DevOps, GitHub, CMake
  • Ability to rapidly prototype using Python, Rust, Julia, Matlab or equivalents
  • Apply coding standards, best practices, configuration management and documentation of all code
  • Strong leadership and team skills, experience working with Scrum, Agile or DevOps SDLC

Education Requirements:

BS / MS majoring in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science and minimum 5 years relevant experience. Requires advanced knowledge of media and entertainment operations and production typically obtained through a combination of industry experience and higher education. May have practical knowledge of project management, team leadership and a history of published research and successful product deliveries.

Bolt is committed to building a diverse and inclusive environment in which we recognize and value each other’s differences as well as fostering a culture that promotes its core values: Professionalism, Integrity, and Respect. As an equal opportunity employer, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, age, disability, or status as a protected veteran.