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CG Supervisor


Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Animation have enlisted Flying Bark Productions to animate their first recently announced Untitled Avatar feature film in a newly confirmed partnership with Avatar Studios.

We’re looking for an experienced CG Supervisor who can work from our beautiful studio in Sydney, Australia and has a passion for storytelling and a drive to push the envelope along with the team’s creative vision. The position starts asap.

The CG Supervisor will work very closely with the VFX Supervisor, pipeline and department supervision teams to oversee the technical requirements of the project. They will need a sound knowledge of all technical and creative aspects of production and be involved in the assessment of everything from equipment, recruitment, workflows and processes as well as the technical and creative breakdown of the scope of work.

Here's the kind of skills we're looking for and responsibilities you're looking to take on:

  • Assess creative designs including production design and characters, story, camera, animation and lighting/compositing expectations as communicated by the Director’s unit and define limitations for the Program/s and/or appropriate alternatives and solutions for the production;
  • Assess the technical requirements for the Program/s and make clear plans for equipment, software, data storage and backup, pipeline, crew and schedule in association with the technical, creative and production supervisors for the Program/s;
  • Work with the VFX Supervisor to ensure the creative look of the modelling, surfacing, lighting, FX and compositing is maintained in line with the Director’s vision;
  • Work closely with the Pipeline team to create efficient and automated workflows and processes, taking into consideration the overall requirements for all projects within the Production Company;
  • Ensure the final Program/s are delivered to the correct technical specifications set-out by the Clients and in line with the creative expectations of the Director and Producer;
  • Implement efficient communication systems, workflow, file systems and production tracking in line with budget and schedule requirements;
  • Manage and support artists and TDs through formal and timely communication including regular meetings, email updates and reviews;
  • Keep oversight of the production schedules for the Program/s and identify all potential delays, disruptions or other perceived risks to the Company;
  • Maintain strong relationships with key creative, technical and production crew of other vendors working on the show and ensure smooth sharing of data between them;
  • Attend all meetings and creative/technical reviews as required by the Company, including daily catch ups and tech reviews;
  • Attend overseas business trips as reasonably required by the Company;
  • Plan and communicate workflow, suggest file systems and set-up production tracking for the overseas studio partners and service studios in line with production, budget and schedule requirements;
  • Keep up to date on new technologies for assets, fx, lighting, rendering, fur and hair techniques, putting in weekly on-box time for research and development;
  • Meet with key members of the supervising technical team and maintain good relationships with production, I.T. and studio administration to ensure the production operates harmoniously within the studio and is adaptive to possible interruptions, changes or plans to satisfy the greater good of the studio;
  • When requested, be involved in company assessment and decision making of new projects; new software and systems and their implementation; brainstorming sessions that require technical and creative input to find solutions;
  • Encourage open communication within the crew and a positive, solutions focused approach to problem solving throughout production;
  • Display superior team leadership skills including, diplomacy, patience, solutions focused thinking, calm under pressure, excellent time management and conflict management skills.