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Senior Texture Artist


With an emphasis on the aesthetics and techniques of photorealistic effects, the texture artist will be responsible for painting photo-real textures and relevant maps for other surface effects to be mapped to 3D objects. These will eventually be rendered through a variety of off the shelf and proprietary renderers.

Textures can be created from scratch or sampled from photos, scanned reference or any other artwork necessary to create new objects or to match the surfaces of existing live action. A strong understanding and sympathy for real world materials is essential and must be demonstrated in the work on your reel. Texture artists work closely with the modelling and shading artists and therefore must have a thorough knowledge of the practices of each discipline.

Primary responsibilities:
Ability to demonstrate proficiency in creating photo-realistic textures.
Helps establish suitable working techniques with
other members of the texture team.
Assisting and developing the look of a shot or sequence with the supervision team.
Works with the production team (producer, co-ordinator, CG supervisor) to establish schedules and technical requirements.
Works in partnership with lighters and compositors to ensure shots are delivered to the very highest standard.

Direct reports: CG Supervisor, Lead texture artist

This Job is no longer active!