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Software Engineer/Programmer Mid to Advanced Level


Software Engineer/Programmer (Mid Level)

NEED Experienced PS3 & XBOX programmers!

Job Objectives
Works as a core level member of the engineering staff to develop game software and tools in accordance with the capabilities of the platform and requirements of the product. Takes initiative and is accountable for the timely completion and thorough implementation of all tasks assigned to them.

Job Roles and Responsibilities
Sets a positive example for the team and leads by example.
Actively contributes to the ongoing software design / development process.
Works as a core member of the engineering team.
Develops and maintains a knowledge of the development tools and processes, target
platforms, and competitive products.
Team Member
Promotes a positive work environment through high personal and performance standards.
Assists in the training and development of the engineering staff.


1. 2-4+ Years of experience with C/C++, preferably in a game development environment from professional experience, education or independent projects
2. 2-3 years of experience in the game industry or related field
3. Experience with Codewarrior, Visual Studio, or similar environment
4. Candidates must be willing to take a short answer & a long answer test to determine level of skill.

This Job is no longer active!