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Senior Animator


Stormfront Studios is looking for a creative and highly motivated top Senior Animator to join our team in the creation of our next blockbuster title. Based upon a high profile license that will appear as a major motion picture in 2008, this action adventure game will benefit from unprecedented collaboration and synergy with the film. If you've got the talent and drive to bring this game to life across multiple platforms, we want to hear from you.


• Create game and cinematic animation
• Create performance, action and lip-sync animation using Maya
• Work with Game Designers and Programmers to meet game and tech requirements
• Work with storyboards and animatics as guidelines to place actors and camera on a timeline
• Deliver high quality animations within frame count, bone count and memory constraints
• Mentor animators in artist and technical matters
• Collaborate with Lead and Art Director to develop and improve techniques and set strategy
• Keep abreast of technological breakthroughs and industry standards
Company and Culture
Stormfront Studios has earned a reputation as a top developer of award-winning action-adventure games with over 40 published titles, including The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Eragon . In a world where new companies start up and die with every cycle, Stormfront has prospered for an incredible 18 years, and now we're working on our biggest and most exciting projects ever.
We've built our team by finding the most creative, passionate and talented people with deep expertise in design, programming, art, audio and production. We provide unique and creative career challenges, and gamer teammates who are equally committed. If you're looking for experienced and supportive management, a healthy team atmosphere, and an outstanding opportunity where high standards are respected and contributions are recognized, we would like to talk to you. We offer excellent pay and benefits including stock options for our privately-held company, and are located just minutes north of San Francisco. For more information, see
For an immediate response, email your resume, cover letter describing why you’re the best candidate for our opportunity and artwork including a reel breakdown/shot list to us. (Please do not present or submit any demo materials that have not been cleared for release by the copyright owners.)

Marta Daglow
(415) 461-5845
Stormfront Studios
4040 Civic Center Drive
Suite 400
San Rafael, CA 94903

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