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Technical Director


A Technical Director (TD) provides critical support to a show's artists and department heads. A Technical Director will design, develop, and implement new tools and processes for a particular show or department. As needed, a Technical Director may be asked to do shot work.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Provide support and development of tools and procedures to extend and enhance the pipeline.
Assist animators and artists with troubleshooting of shots. Issues may include problems with fur, clothing, particle effects, animation, and rendering.
- Support and work with multiple departments, including Modeling, Animation, Lighting, FX, and Research and Development.
- Ensure software development follows studio policies and guidelines.
Work closely with other Technical Directors, Production Supervisors, VFX Supervisors, and Production Engineering to maintain and further the production pipeline.
- Assist in training and mentoring of other Entry Level and Associate Technical Directors.

This Job is no longer active!