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Sr. Lighter


- Establish direct and reflected lighting and shadows for each assigned shot. Ensure that assigned shots fit in the continuity of a sequence and fulfill the vision of the Directors, Production Designer, Art Director and VFX Supervisor
- Create and fine tune the direct lighting, reflections, and shadows for each assigned shot, working with the resources and support provided. Ensure quality of final frames and cleanliness of setups
- Optimize shots for rendering. Manage image files and associated disk space
- Perform technical work in support of shot lighting using various production tools
- Perform lighting development setup
- Checks for continuity problems in shots within the sequence
- Troubleshoot and debug shot problems as they arise
- Thoroughly tech-fix shots and identify paint fixes and communicate them to CG Supervisor
- Presents work to CG Supervisor, Art Directors and/or Production Designers. Addresses comments that come up during reviews
- Stays up to date on new tools and techniques

This Job is no longer active!