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Rendering Supervisor


LAIKA is seeking a Rendering Supervisor to join our growing studio.

Provides leadership and technical direction, and oversees day-to-day operations for the Rendering Group, which provides distributed image rendering services for all feature film projects at LAIKA.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
* Ensure the availability of rendering resources.
* Work with the production teams to construct and implement render policies, ensure fair access and resolve disputes over shared resources.
* Supervise render wrangling staff.
* Work with the R&D departments TD group to create and implement rendering solutions and troubleshoot issues.
* Work with the IT Infrastructure Support Group to ensure optimal setup and performance of render farm hardware, networks and storage.
* Work with the IT Director to establish group initiatives and priorities.
* Draft designs, reports, and proposals as needed.
* Serve as technical lead on all group initiatives.
* Other duties as assigned.

This Job is no longer active!