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Associate Producer


The Associate Producer assists and works closely with the Producer on specified production components of an assigned game title or other project. In this capacity, the Associate Producer may work in partnership with internal and external developers and any third parties to assist the Producer in ensuring the timely, high quality delivery of the project or its components.

On a day-to-day basis, the Associate Producer will be responsible for assigned tasks related to game development, including such possibilities as coordinating QA and usability testing, preparing project related documentation, coordinating with external vendors creating project assets, evaluating project deliverables and providing feedback to the Producer, facilitate communication with developer by being on-site when required, providing support to Marketing, PR, and other internal publishing functions, and other duties as specified by the Producer.

• Facilitate communication with internal and external developers on key production aspects as determined by the Producer
• Review, comment on, and recommend approval of milestone submissions
• Provide production support to Marketing, PR, and other internal publishing functions as needed
• Track the delivery of assets by external vendors.
• Maintain asset pipelines on the production side to ensure timely delivery of assets as required to promote and publish the finished product.
• Prepare submissions for First Party Evaluation (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc.) at key milestones.
• Coordinate QA and Usability Testing
• Gather and preparing all assets required for localization processes
• Maintain or managing a single SKU through the entire production process
• Other duties as needed

This Job is no longer active!