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Sr. FX Tools TD


ImageMovers Digital is a new motion picture studio in Marin County devoted to the performance capture films of Academy Award-winning director/producer Robert Zemeckis. Established in 2006, we currently employ over 200 employees and continue to search for talented individuals to join our company. We are currently in production on the new performance capture feature “A Christmas Carol” starring Jim Carrey as Scrooge and the three ghosts.

Please note that due to the volume of resumes we receive, we cannot personally respond to all inquiries… we will be in touch if your skills fit our needs.

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• Responsible for the design, creation, implementation, iteration and documentation of FX software, tools and procedures that will be used by yourself and other artists in production. These tools will simulate natural and un-natural phenomena as defined and directed by the FX technical lead, sequence lead, or any other artistic or technical supervisors.
• An in-depth knowledge of dynamics and procedural simulation through the use of particles, emitters, fields, collisions, rigid-bodies, soft-bodies, and fluids is required. In depth knowledge of volume rendering, surface generation and re-parameterization, disc caching, matrix manipulation, kd-tree space partitioning, resource optimization, plus real time lighting and rendering experience is desired.
• Responsible for engineering and developing production ready studio tools and systems in order to achieve artistic and technical direction given while maintaining a high standard of pipeline integration and forward thinking modular re-usability.
• A willingness to document, assist and train other artist during production on the use of your tools is mandatory. Experience writing user interfaces to implement artistic and technical feedback to maintain a highly usable tool is desired.
• Ability to troubleshoot hardware limitations and software problems to find solutions that are appropriate and efficient for the pipeline and the time constraints of production while maintaining a high level of quality is required.
• Ability to multi-task and work on several tools or development projects at once while in a high pressure production environment is required.
• Ability to multi-task and work on several shots or elements at once during production is required.
• Responsible for staying abreast of cutting edge tools and technology relevant to the FX Department and implementing new ideas and updates to existing tools when appropriate.
• Ability to collaborate and communicate with R&D and Production Engineers in order to find and implement efficient and effective ways to problem solve any issues while meeting the needs of production.

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