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Senior Animator


Job Purpose
Build high quality motions through key frame animation and editing motion capture data. Work closely with the Lead Artist and Producer to address all issues related to the project’s animation. This includes establishing the animation style, defining the work flow and communicating important schedule information. Work in a range of styles. Ensure the visual quality and game-play of the product through tuning (rebuilding), bug fixing, and play-testing. Collaborate with engineers on tools and techniques.

Major Responsibilities
• Create the content of the game - Build key frame animations and work with motion capture data to create high quality simple to complex biped and quadruped animation sets. Work within the established technical specifications and process for building. Use knowledge to maximize game content within these constraints while maintaining a clear understanding and appreciation of schedules and milestones.
• Match the objects to the look and feel for spaces - Ability to work under a Lead Artist, staying within the established aesthetics of the project. As established by the Lead Artist, each artist has a chance to contribute to the vision of the space by pushing to achieve the highest quality possible within the specifications.
• Be proactive - Work effectively with Technical Lead and Art Lead so that they are aware of concerns and issues dealing with animation production.
• Be self-driven - Produce work in an efficient and timely manner, adhering to an agreed-upon schedule.
• Be diligent - Insure quality of related assets by maintaining responsibility over animations throughout the projects development including fixing bugs, assigned by project leads.
• Provide support to games in production - Contribute to the success of the team, and the studio, through your personal contribution to the product.
• Provide team/company support - Each team member is expected to provide feedback on ideas, features, game-play, and process.

This Job is no longer active!