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Environment Special Effects Artist


Rock Band gives you the rush of hitting it big in some of the most fantastic rock venues around the world. Our Special Effects Artists create realistic looking flames, smoke plumes and visuals to make our rock shows come alive.

Our Effects Artists collaborate with coders to invent engine tool enhancements and to optimize their art assets for next gen game systems.

•Create wild pyrotechnics and lighting systems that “shock and awe”
•Optimize particle systems, textures and geometry to keep the game running at full frame rate
• Work quickly and effectively and contribute to venue team progress
• Interface with other artists including the Lead, Production and Engineers
• Work with Producers to keep the game on track and stress free
•Collaborate with Camera and Lighting artists to achieve the intended final vision
•Work with Camera artists to optimize our venues on multiple platforms
•Share your skills with other artists on your team

This Job is no longer active!