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Join the award winning technology team behind the F.E.A.R.™ and Condemned: Criminal Origins™ game franchises. Work closely with engineers, designers, and artists on the creation of user-friendly tools used to develop the next-generation of Monolith's games.

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Oversee technical implementation and estimation of all Monolith engineering efforts.
Maintain regular meetings and communication with engineering leads and system architects within Monolith.
Foster communication, organization, and collaboration among engineering on all Monolith teams.
Oversee all Monolith engineering hires.
Maintain and evolve Monolith's engineering hiring processes.
Maintain and evolve Monolith's engineering processes, standards, training and organization.
Collaborate with Monolith's engineering leads and WB Games' VP, Engineering to establish Monolith's technology strategy.
Establish R&D objectives for Monolith's core technology team.
Develop technology objectives for core technology features identified by Monolith internal titles.
Directly manage Monolith's core technology team manager and oversee core technology team budgets.
Collaborate with Monolith executive team to establish shared strategies for better estimation and efficiency.
Collaborate with Monolith executive team on future product positions with emphasis on technology opportunities.
Participate in Monolith engineering leads annual reviews
Coordinate technology licensing and/or outsourcing
Maintain relationships with 3rd-party development partners (e.g., Microsoft, Sony, NVIDIA, Intel, etc.)

This Job is no longer active!