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Ever play a game, and at the end, if you even make it that far, say to yourself, “I could do better than that!”, or “Well there went 12 hours I’ll never get back!”…. Well, here is your chance to change that! Insomniac Games is looking for a talented designer to come aboard, and help create some of the most exciting, creative, and cutting edge game experiences out there! This is your chance to really take all those crazy ideas about what to do in a game, and implement it! C’mon- you know you want to!

Big picture for the position: Develop concepts and treatments for specific game modes and features, and help implement the design features and game worlds.

What does that mean? It means that the designer would be doing the following, and more:

• Design game levels and all enemies and objects specific to those levels.

• Communicate designs visually and verbally to other team members, by possibly creating 2D maps of game levels, 3D roughs of game objects and level, documenting of gameplay functionality and design plans, document expected behavior(s) and functionality of entities

• Create detailed specs describing concept, content, assets, rules and behavior(s), constraints, etc.

• Evolve and tune game mechanics into fun, intuitive features that are player centric.

• Implement designed elements or oversee implementation of designed elements.

• Test gameplay and use results to tune gameplay, to make the game more enjoyable

This Job is no longer active!