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Technical Standards Engineer


Midway San Diego is looking for a Technical Standards Engineer (TSE).

As part of the Product Compliance QA group, the Technical Standards Engineer helps maintain the high quality of Midway titles by to work closely with and provide leadership to Product Development teams prior to implementation of Technical Standards systems. In addition, the TSE works with a team that evaluates each title’s compliance with standards and assists the Development and Production Teams with suggestions about how best to comply with these standards.

The Technical Standards Engineer will:
• Support the product development teams with effective and consistent technical standards guidance for all regions.

• Maintain up-to-date expertise with all available current-gen and next-gen console submission standards including documentation, checklists, tools, utilities, methods and procedures.

• Be familiar with several years’ worth of certification fail and approval reports as well as the standards issues that were resolved or waived on each title. Maintain this knowledge with each new title that is submitted to certification.

• Maintain contacts in each console manufacturer’s standards department.

• Work with development teams to define compliant systems before implementation. Key systems include Load/Save and UI among others.

• Work closely with Technical Standards Analysts (TSA’s) to ensure titles are compliant with each console manufacturer’s standards, including evaluating titles for compliance, entering bugs into the tracking database, and writing and distributing compliance reports to the product development team.

• Resolve issues concerning standards by working with Submissions, PD, and contacts at each console manufacturer. Inform and advise the product development team regarding these issues.

• Help create and execute technical standards training programs for TSA’s and development teams.

• Work closely with the Manager of Compliance QA and QA Supervisors to organize & schedule standards testing and evaluate & report the title’s readiness for submission.

• Assess project conformance with milestone definitions in regards to standards when requested by the Lead QA Analyst or QA Supervisor.

• Maintain awareness of current software and hardware trends, consumer expectations, and competitive products specifically regarding computer and console-based platforms.

• Demonstrate sound judgment regarding how console manufacturers test, what they look for and on what issues they will be flexible.

• Provide support to the Company at events when requested.

This Job is no longer active!